The Graveyard’s Guide To Aftercare

Table of Contents

  1. The Torres family: A brief summary
  2. The Torres family: expectations
  3. The possessed aquarium
  4. Chronically depressed air conditioner maintenance/therapy
  5. Moribundo: Death and Friendship
  6. Roomba children scavenger hunts, an indoor cleaning guide
  7. Haunted device security breach run book
  8. The firewall: Quemarrón
  9. Emergency exorcism
  10. Haunted family belongings protocol
  11. El Chupacabrón
  12. Lawnmower exercise
  13. Sleeping
  14. Unintentional monitoring and alerting
  15. Intentional monitoring and alerting
  16. Flower analytics
  17. Office organization
  18. Graveyard member dossier
  19. Interview with the Gravekeeper