Anime Personality

In the anime, Rei Hino was a hot-headed, strong-willed, and somewhat bossy yet well-meaning girl who wanted to be everything from a globe-trotting business woman to musical idol, as well as have a boyfriend (Rei in the Sailor Moon musicals was portrayed this way as well). Sailor Mars did have another side in the anime; her loyalty to Sailor Moon was extremely strong, and her determination and sense of justice were admirable. She seemed to show her affection to the people she cares the most about in odd ways, such as her teasing Usagi or joking with Yuuichirou. Though Rei sometimes bickered with Usagi, she clearly cared about her and valued her friendship very much, and often seemed closer to her than the other Senshi. (In the Stars season, she was the first person whom Usagi told that Mamoru had not contacted her, and Rei was so distraught that she wondered out loud why Usagi had to suffer so much.)

Manga Personality

In the manga, Rei Hino was a stoic, serious individual who did not involve herself with men (due in part to her estrangement from her politician father). She displayed what could be described as the Japanese ideal for women: she was reserved, beautiful, and intelligent. Rei's manga image was more fitting with her role as a miko than her anime personality. She and Minako had a strong bond, similar to that seen in the live-action series.

Supernatural Powers

Rei had various powers outside of those as a Senshi, which she used in her duties as a miko. These ranged from ESP to the ability to read flames (fire reading), as well as using ofuda as a weapon. Her ESP often led her to have premonitions about upcoming events, and she had a stronger "sixth sense" than most of the other Senshi.


In the anime, Rei had a brief relationship with Mamoru Chiba, though he did not seem to take it as seriously as Rei did. Rei was initally very upset by the breakup but the two parted on good terms and later, Mamoru started dating Usagi Tsukino. Some time after the break-up, Rei confronted Usagi on her feelings, and made her promise her that she would be happy with Mamoru as a sign that she wanted the best for them.

Another relationship that only existed in the anime was with Yuuichirou Kumada. When Rei first met him she did not like him, but gradually came to appreciate him. For his part, he often recklessly risked his life to protect her. In episode 99, Yuuichirou was shown becoming fiercely jealous of Haruka, whom he thought was a boy flirting with Rei.

In the manga side story "Casablanca Memory," Rei was shown to have a secret crush on her father's secretary, Kaidou. He cared about Rei more than her father, and bought her gifts for her birthday. Although Rei kissed him once, the relationship never turned to romance, and Kaidou became engaged to another woman. He told Rei that it was an arranged marriage which he accepted mostly out of honor, but Rei did not believe him; in her view, if Kaidou truly wanted a marriage to gain political power, he would have married her instead.


Rei lived with her grandfather, the Hikawa Shrine's arch priest. Her father was a very high-ranked politician, a member of the dominant political party in Japan at the time, who was not very involved in her life, and her mother died when she was younger. In the anime, the shrine had a bumbling helper named Yuuichirou who also served as Rei's love interest; she also had a cousin, Kengo Ibuki, who was a well-known pottery artist, though it was not stated if either of her parents had any siblings in the manga.