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Regarding teaching morals to a child

Make it clear and simple. Black and white. Introducing gray too early will confuse them. Gray is important, but they won't be ready for it until they reach adolescence, and even then just a little bit at a time. I think this is why religion is so effective. Simple rules and boundaries to follow for being a good person are useful.

Tips for respecting children’s spaces, competence, and general existence from a preschool teacher:

This is spot on. 10 years as a nanny and this is pretty much what I did. Also guiding them with questions to help develop critical thinking skills:

It might sound patronizing but children’s prefrontal cortices develop last, and this portion of the brain allows us to think critically, plan, and exercise self control. You can’t expect them to understand the consequences of their actions right off the bat, but using questions helps them to move through, step by step, potential outcomes of their behaviors. 

Oh, and praising good behaviors instead of just applying labels:

Regarding code words

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When i was a kid my mom and i had a code word to let her know when i needed her to say no. For instance if a kid at school asked me to come over and stay the night but i really didnt want to, id call my mama and ask her, and then end it with “please, Mom?” I never call my mama Mom, just Mama or Moomoo, so she would know immediately to say that I was grounded or had too much homework or some other bullshit. We also had a system the other way around, so if i called her to see how her date was going and she needed an out, she would call me babydoll and id tell her i heard scary noises and was frightened and needed her to come home or something. Anyways, my point is that every family should hqve a system of codes to keep them safe. Go do that.

Regarding young people

You want your kids' world to be better than yours, right? So doesn't it follow then, that if you're a good parent and your kids evolve to be smarter than you, they're gonna make you feel dumb?

So if you feel stupid around young people, things are going good!

Regarding school mental health

Allow mental health days for your kids. Allow them to have a certain number of days per semester where they can ask to stay home, no questions asked.

Regarding honesty

When a child is punished for their honesty, they begin to lie.

Regarding sending kids off to bed

“There’s a monster under my bed!”
“Yes. He watches over you at night and chases away your nightmares.”

“There’s a monster in my closet!”
“Yes. She loves the smell of the laundry detergent I use, and she’s busy trying to organize your shoes.”

“There’s a monster under the stairs!”
“Yes. She collects spiders and he makes sure you don’t trip while going to get water.”

“There’s a monster right outside my window!”
“Yes. He’s pulling weeds from the garden and protecting us from burglars.”

“There’s a monster behind the couch!”
“Yes. He’s eating all the crumbs you left behind and hiding pennies in the cushions.”

“Oh. Then good night.”
“Good night, Dear.”

Regarding communication

Idea: Set up a box where my kids can write notes of things they're too uncomfortable to talk to me in person about. Have a checkbox for whether or not they want me to respond.

Regarding phrasing

Regarding chores

Change the wifi password regularly. The password can be earned by doing chores.