Minako Aino was the present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus and the civilian identity of Sailor V. She appeared in all versions of Sailor Moon and was the protagonist of Codename: Sailor V.

In both the anime and manga, Minako was shown to have both silly and serious sides. In the manga, Minako's serious side manifested more often when she was Sailor Venus (as was true for many of the Sailor Senshi), but she was still strongly devoted to her friends and her duties as a Senshi. Similar to Usagi, she was an academic underachiever, and would refer to Usagi at times as her "make-up tests partner." She was, however, much more athletic than Usagi, especially when it came to volleyball.

In the manga, her hobby was given as "chasing after idols," and in both the anime and manga, she loved to follow different celebrities; in "Parallel Sailor Moon," she even took her daughter with her as sort of a "field trip." Many of the enemies' plots were foiled just by her being a groupie. Her anime profile listed Minako's hobby as "messing around" or "wasting time." She was also athletic and enjoyed playing volleyball.

Minako was rather boy crazy and, in the anime, manga, and Codename: Sailor V, she had many crushes. All of these crushes ended without Minako getting a boyfriend, and some even ended tragically. For example, both Higashi-senpai and Phantom Ace ended up being enemies Minako had to kill, and Alan being in love with Katarina seemed to emotionally scar Minako. Phantom Ace/Danburite/Adonis even predicted that her "love will be hopeless for all eternity" and that she would always choose duty over love.