For the fabulously scatterbrained. Jot it down now, organize it later.

Laying out your thoughts and organizing is a chore we never really feel like we have the time for, so we try and make it fun and stylish, yet quick and convenient.


Tired of bland, low contrast interfaces? Theme your experience! Bring the experience of writing on cute stationery by picking your own “paper” to write on. Search our marketplace filled with artists known for their stationery to add more. Take control by creating your own color schemes, or selecting one of ours. Everyone should be able to enjoy this feature, so we ensure that all themes are WCAG AA 2.1 compliant. Apply as many themes as you have to as many notes as you want. We also believe in empowering the artists that work with us, so we make sure to take no more than 5% of the purchase to cover processing fees and maintenance.


Put tags anywhere in your documents so you can sort through them later. Use notebooks to split up your work. Search in your document or across documents by text or tag to find what you’re looking for. Enhanced linking allows you to choose any section of your document and embed them into other documents, for those who feel linking by title isn’t enough.


Accessibility is of the upmost importance to us, so we make sure that everything in our app, interactions and all, are at least WCAG AA 2.1 compliant. Everyone has their own way of organizing, so we make sure to test out ideas with people of a variety of backgrounds and needs. Do you have a need that isn’t being met? Contact our support team and/or sign up to be a part of the R&D group, where we test out upcoming ideas.


Speed and convenience is key when you’re trying to stay organized. Create your own macros and rebind any key bindings to existing shortcuts that suit your needs. Did a document layout you made really work for you? Save it as a template so you can reuse it at any time.


We support and sync across web and all native platforms to make sure we’re there whenever you need us. Offline mode is also supported.

No Lock-in

We strongly believe that our customers should be in control of their own data. We’re here to facilitate your workflow, not get in the way of it. Regularly sync your notes with DropBox or Google Drive, or use our export feature to export all or some of your data to the platform of your choice in PDF, Markdown, HTML, or plain text. We also support importing your notes from other locations.

Stay on top of things

Attach reminders or write up tasks anywhere. See them in your notes or all in one place. Add dates, make them recurring, or not.


Your security is important to us. We encrypt your data to make sure only those with the right permissions have access to it. Password protect any of your notes for additional security.


We’re tired of seeing simple apps be resource hogs. Even the best of apps get burdened with feature creep and eventually slow to a crawl. We know not everyone uses every feature, so we want to empower you to only use what you need, and disable the rest. Keep it simple and speedy or fancy and luxurious. Your choice.


$1.49 a month after a 14-day free trial or $14.99 annually with a month free trial. Want to move on? Sync with Dropbox or Google Drive and keep the files. (Prices are not finalized and subject to change, as costs have not been fully accounted for.)